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2x industrial washers 2x industrial planar irons and 2x industrial driers


We closed down our shop in Central London
We have the following equipment to sell:-
- Renzacci Dry Clean Machine Serena 380Dc purchased brand new we use it since serviced all the time in working order
- Pony Steam press in working order can be tried
- Supporting table
- Hawo Bagging machine. HP 630K

£10000 VAT Free ono

SA19 IronDryer equipped with support base with wheels and steam generator with professional brush - Automatically dries and irons shirts, blouses, polo shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, jeans, ... with hot air
Purchased new from manufacturer Feb 2019 for £2,017 but not used apart from initial testing.

£500 +VAT

This is a return to feeder Ironer with built in lateral folds Ideal for small laundry or people doing many Flatwork sheets or table linen, this is NOT a semi drying Ironer its a 3.2M wide 500 roll gas unit that Irons dry wet items.
Available for immediate delivery.

£12000 £10200 VAT Free ono

£4200 £3780 +VAT

Rotondi Trouser topper.
Less than a year old with little use.

£2700 £2430 +VAT

Rotondi 3300 steaming vacuum and blowing ironing table (steam heated)
Less than a year old in very good condition.

£2000 +VAT

£150 VAT Free

This is fully functional and can be tested before purchase.

£1000 VAT Free

This is a fully functional press and can be tested before purchase.

£1000 VAT Free

£17500 +VAT ono

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