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Here we have a bubble tent structure in blue which is ideal to host a bar, Santa's Ice Grotto or party tent or many other mini potential uses.
Can be used indoors or outdoors though caution should be taken of wind speed and rain (due to electric fans though these could be covered) when using outdoors.

£3499 £849 VAT Free ono

Here we have 2 X 2m long sections of crowd control barrier which interlock to create one 4m length.
Barrier height is 1.2m.
Both base and vertical barrier sections are fully covered in tread plate to reduce slipping hazard.
On each 2m piece there are are 2 X steward plates, raised around 35cm off the ground. These also have tread plate.
Have been used but are in good order and sturdy, each section weighs 92Kg.
This sale is for both and both must be sold together.

£400 £249 VAT Free ono

| Quantity: 2
Comenda LC 700 BT Hooded passthrough commercial dishwasher. This 3 phase piece of kit, comes with 4 trays. It was removed from a closed down hospital kitchen last year, which didn't have electricity or water utilities so it could not be tested to see if it was in working order. Therefore we don't know and it is been sold as seen. Would be perfect for these firms that refurbish, test and sell on.

£499 £159 VAT Free ono

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