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Sold Electrolux IC4 4832 FLF 3.3m Single Operator Ironer 2016 - Newcastle upon Tyne


Requires a gas supply and 3-phase electrical socket.

These machines rarely become available and would represent tremendous gains in productivity and performance for a small laundry looking to take on more capacity/work.

It is operated by a single person for all large pieces:
- the items are clipped onto the 'claws' which then draw the linen into the machine
- the vibrating belts shake the item to minimize creasing
- the machine irons and folds the piece so that the only fold required is a single (or double if smaller pack size wanted)

This machine can cope with widths up to Super-king across its 3.3m bed. It can be used to process table linen, sheets and duvets and even small pieces if the feeder element is unused.

We run this machine at generally around 5m/6m per minute, equating to circa 100/120 pieces per hour depending on the size of the item being ironed.

Video available of machine in action - send WhatsApp to David on 07860480470

Delivery notes

Machine is located in Newcastle upon Tyne, two minutes from Newcastle Airport.

Transport to be agreed.

This item is now sold

Thanks as always. Great site.

Price: Sold