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EOLO SA19 Irondryer Topper - Gloucestershire


SA19 IronDryer equipped with support base with wheels and steam generator with professional brush - Automatically dries and irons shirts, blouses, polo shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, jeans, ... with hot air
Purchased new from manufacturer Feb 2019 for £2,017 but not used apart from initial testing.
Sold as seen.

The SA19 professional IronDryer irons and dries damp garments automatically and simultaneously with hot air, such as shirts, blouses, polo shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, trousers, jeans, Bermuda shorts, ... from size XS to size 3XL.

SA19 also features the "air" function to remove bad smells from jackets, coats, jackets, ... and comfortably iron dry garments vertically with the aid of an iron.
SA19 makes drying and ironing (IronDrying) very simple: the jet of hot air and the pressure inside the bag on which the damp garment is placed, allows you to automatically iron and dry all types of fabric, such as cotton, linen, flannel, silk, mixed (cotton - polyester, etc.), short or long-sleeved shirts, with Italian, French, button-down or Korean collar.

The IronDryer has the following advantages compared to the traditional drying and ironing system:

1) Gaining free time:
- the IronDryer dries and irons automatically: it is possible to dedicate time to other household tasks, such as watching TV or reading a book; allows you to avoid the inconvenience and commitment of going to a traditional laundry.
2) Save effort:
- automatically dries and irons even the most difficult fabrics, such as linen and cotton, and it is no longer necessary to hang damp clothes out to dry them.
3) Saving money:
- reduces costs due to the electric consumption of the iron or the dryer, the annual cost of the laundry or that of a maid.
4) Respect the fabrics:
- the hot plate of the iron and the dryer consume the fabrics of the garments and ruin the fibres; the IronDryer dries and gently irons making the clothes soft and comfortable when worn.
5) Independence from unfavorable weather conditions and lack of space in the house:
- the IronDryer dries clothes quickly even if it's raining or cold and reduces the problem of bulky ironing boards and clotheshorses that create space, humidity and wet problems in the home.
6) Eliminate the risks of damaging fabrics or harming people:
- the iron reaches very high and "dangerous" temperatures with the risk of burning the fabric; the IronDryer can also be touched by children without any danger and does not disturb pets thanks to the low noise level.
7) Conveniently and easily iron even dry clothes in a vertical position:
- the dry garment is inflated and well stretched; in this way it is possible to iron it easily with the help of a traditional iron (for shirts, blouses,...) or brush it to remove lint and dust (for jackets, coats,...).
8) Convenience of being able to wear dry and ironed clothes a few minutes after the end of washing in the washing machine.

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Delivery notes

Collection from GL6 (near Stroud) or may be able to deliver locally at cost.

Contact notes
07769 343606

Price: £500 +VAT
Ref#: B460CDF0487A

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